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Pune Porsche car accident case : Vishal Agarwal caught by ‘GPS’!

Ground Report


In Kalyaninagar, Pune, two young engineers on a bike were killed after being hit by a speeding Porsche car. There are many new revelations in this case. After this act of his minor son, the builder Vishal Aggarwal continued to fight to escape from the police.

For that he did many disguises and changed his location several times but finally GPS caught him in Sambhaji Nagar.

After the Porsche car accident, Vishal Agarwal realized that now he is going to be arrested. After that he first went to his farm house in Pune. From there he went to Kolhapur, where he met a friend, after which Vishal sent one of his driver to Mumbai. Because the police must think that he went to Kolhapur and then went to Mumbai.

But actually Vishal Agarwal went to Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) from Kolhapur in his friend’s car. He also gave false information to his family so that no one would know his whereabouts. He had told his family that he was going to Mumbai. After this he switched off his mobile phone. He also bought a new sim card for contact.

The police traced Vishal’s movement due to the ‘GPS’ in his friend’s car. After that, the police quickly checked the CCTV footage. Also, while checking the location of the mobile that Vishal used to send messages to his family, the police came to know that he was hiding in a small lodge in Sambhajinagar. Police arrested him from here.

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