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How to grab new opportunities in AI era


After the arrival of Chat GPT, Google Gemini, we all need to think how we can keep ourselves up to date in this era of ‘Generative AI’ where jobs are constantly changing.

Some studies suggest that artificial intelligence will have the greatest impact on ‘blue collar’ jobs.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ means artificial intelligence. Content creation, photo, video creation, presentations have started to be done through this method.

How is AI currently changing jobs?

Models like ‘Chat GPT’ of ‘Open AI’ and ‘Gemini’ of Google are currently available in the market. Technology is increasing productivity and reducing costs. But it is also likely to create some new opportunities.

AI technology has been around for over 50 years. But since the launch of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT in 2022, generative AI has sounded alarm bells to some, while others have hoped it will open up new opportunities.

Oliver Wyman, an American management company, studies 200,000 people a month in 20 countries. It has been revealed that the senior executives or owners in the company expect their employees to acquire new skills.

The following five skills must be mastered

– Ability to think analytically

– Thinking creatively

– Leadership skills and ability to influence society

– Management and analysis of data using artificial intelligence models, tools

– Curiosity and willingness to learn new things

Oliver Wyman’s research also mentions that while many employees seem to be getting training on AI and data, employers, i.e. the company owners, think that technology can manage data, but analyzing it and drawing conclusions is a difficult task and it is up to employees. It is necessary.

“Generative AI seems to lack the subtle observations and moral judgments that human brains are capable of,” Simon Luong, a senior fellow at the Oliver Wyman Forum, said in an interview with ‘CNBC Make It.’

Skill required to get work done by AI

Currently, a video about AI is going viral. In which a person is doing his daily tasks by telling the machine. Like making breakfast, turning on the fan, opening the door if someone comes, locking or unlocking the house by voice recognition.

But one day he can’t speak properly due to tooth extraction and AI can’t understand his voice properly so he has to stay out of the house. Or it’s a video that tells how it’s done.

This is an attempt to say that there is still no situation to fully rely on AI. At present ‘routine work’ is being done through AI.

In fact, many companies are trying to get these tasks done by AI at an early stage.

But human knowledge, creativity skills are still needed to work properly through the machine or to recognise its dangers.

We need to change by studying and observing how they change with the changing times.

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